Tuesday, December 6, 2016


This past week was all about nursing a cold (came down with it within minutes of landing on USA soil) and then there was the jet lag.  Barry was in the same boat and we just cocooned ourselves at home for the week.  Feeling restored (almost) and the world is looking bright even on this cloudy day (with rain and sleet in the forecast).  I did venture out last Thursday evening to photograph the preview opening of the York Art Association's Preserved Lands Exhibit at Marketview Arts in York, PA.  I arrived after the first wave of visitors had left, but in time for the presentation of awards and time to chat with some of the artists.  In case I didn't mention this before, this exhibit was a joint project partnering artists with owners of preserved lands--most are farmlands.  Artists met with the owners and had the opportunity to find out why the owners felt their land was worth preserving for the future.  Many of the paintings reflect the vision of the owners and some were more aligned with the artist's interpretation of the landscape.  This exhibit represents a wide variety of interpretations and is well worth seeing.  Here is the info:
Preserved Lands Art Exhibit
Open December 2 through December 24
Hours:  Tues. and Wed. 10:00 to 2:00 pm, Saturday 10:00 to 3:00 pm
35 W. Philadelphia St.
York, PA 17401
More info at yorkartassociation.org or farmtrust.org

Robert Oughton, one of the award winners, and his wife, Phyllis Koster who is a talented weaver and also represented in this exhibit

Viewers looking at one of the photography entries.  This one is an award winner and features the property as a world in itself.  This is one of my favorites in the show.

Guest and artist enjoying the exhibit.  Sorry, I should have been writing down names.  I need an assistant.

On the left, Jason Tako, who won Best in Show.  Presenting his award is Susanne Collins Stoltenberg, who organized the event.

Recently I found what had been lost over the past year.  My sister entrusted to me the little quilt exercise our father completed when we was about nine years old.  In re-organizing my studio and peripheral areas, I found where I had carefully stored it.  The plan is to have it framed with the intention of slowing down deterioration of the fabric.  The fabrics were worn scrapes from the beginning, so it is very fragile now.  I have photographed it with the plan of making enlarged prints for my siblings.  

And a few more images to share:

A favorite photo of my sister's cat, Mo, on her sundeck.

Double exposure featuring Barry.

Sunbeam hitting glass in the backyard.

Curious creature seen in Kotor, Montenegro.

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