Monday, January 9, 2017

January Part II

After a relatively balmy beginning to 2017, southern Pennsylvania is now in  a deep freeze. The backyard waterfall is officially closed until Spring thaw.  Although temperatures will rise to almost 60 degrees in a couple of days, it won't last.  Winter is here.  The days are getting longer, however.  There really is a distinct change in the light in late afternoon.  There's something about this light that reminds us of the woodlands around Williamsburg, VA at this time of year.  Once that thought is vocalized, it's not long before we're packing up for a winter get-away.  Even though it's only about three hours south of here, it always feels warmer and we get the historic area pretty much to ourselves.  Hoping to get some warmish weather like we did last year (see above photo).

I've spent a few hours the last two days cleaning and organizing my studio.  It's really not that much cleaning, it's the organizing.  Every project seems to create piles of things which need to be put back into their proper places before I can make another mess.  So that's my art work so far this month, but I'm pleased.  I have a painting in progress that I started in December.  I'll resume work on that this afternoon.

Some progress on the Balkans/Budapest travel photos:  

Christmas Market near St. Stephen's Church in Budapest--photo by our travel companion, David

Looking down another street at the Christmas Market in Budapest--photo credit by our travel companion, David

Inside the Franciscan monastery inside the walled city of Dubrovnik.  This painting is inside the cloister opposite the colonnaded columns. The painting probably dates to the late 14th c.

Here you can see an example of the semi-circular paintings which line the cloister area.

The residential areas inside the walled city are up some very steep stairs. Looking down at a garden of mannequin heads and torsos.

A dramatic sky as we walked along the Dubrovnik city walls

Learning to make fresh cheese in a farmhouse kitchen in Koranic, Croatia

Outside the farmhouse in Koranic, Croatia.  We spent the night here and had dinner with a local family.

Back to the drawing board.

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