Monday, January 30, 2017

Yes, art inspires, including found art.  In the previous post there are photos of my studio.  There is a very heavy, long table in that room.  I am so thankful to have that monster table.  I gave it a good scrub recently and saw with new eyes the years and years of work this table has enabled.  The etchings, paint spills, scratches and gouges could be a wall of graffiti.  I used the camera to explore the surface and collected about 30 images.  Here are some I recently edited.

One of my travel companions on our visit to the former Yugoslavia and Hungry sent me these photos.
I'm so way behind in editing my own.

Me in the maroon hat crossing Hero's Square in Budapest

The hill town of Motovun in the Istria region of Croatia.  Still enjoying the truffled goat cheese we bought there.

Me on the path leading to the fortress of Kotor, Montenegro. I did not even try to get to the top.  I know I could climb up, but it was steep and I would definitely feel some vertigo coming down.

Looking down on Kotor, Montenegro

The reconstructed historical bridge in Mostar, Bosnia.  The original bridge was destroyed in the Balkan wars of the 1990's.
Seeing these photos is incentive to get to work on my album.

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