Thursday, February 9, 2017

Art and Weather

Yesterday it was close to 65 degrees--so much like spring with lots of chirpy bird activity.  Overnight a north wind blew in icy rain and snow.  Fortunately, not that much snow, but temperatures are now in the 20's and it definitely feels like winter.  See view from my desk above.

I finished the studio floor painting yesterday.  My back and hands are thankful.  If the foam tiles weren't so pitted and marred, I would be tempted to apply a second coat because the colors of what are under the paint faintly show through.  But this seems a minor point that would take extraordinary effort on my part to remedy.  Once all the the furniture is back in place and my latest paintings are hanging or propped up to dry, all will be as it should be.  This is a progress collage.  The last of the studio progress photos.

There's another painting project going on in our house--the master bedroom closet which is in the master bedroom bathroom.  Barry is doing the painting in there.  He took the towel rack down and as soon as I stepped in the room I saw a smiley face at the place the towel rack had been attached to the wall.  I like the color negative version too.

As I've mentioned before, I love the Diana app for creating and editing double exposures.  I have used self-portraiture as one means of meditation/self analysis for many years, although I didn't consciously think of it that way until recently.  I think part of my passion for travel (in the world or armchair) is seeing myself transformed by landscapes, cities, interiors, etc.  Photography (looking through a lens) enables me to frame a world and editing through Photoshop or smartphone apps enables me to manipulate that world.  

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