Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Goodbye February

What a great month it has been.  Weather has been mild and we've taken good advantage of it.  Have also managed quite a few home repairs as well as the painting, cleaning and reorganizing of my studio. One negative in all this was a flare up of arthritis and a strange inflammation of my hands.  I talked with my doctor and he tends to agree with me that painting the floor with snug fitting latex gloves which I wore in two three-hour sessions may have caused an acute reaction.  The inflammation is slowly subsiding and most of the redness is gone. The only remedy that seems to help is ice packs for brief periods a few times a day.  When my hands are totally back to normal, I will continue work on this painting.  My intention is that this will look like a faded fresco of three holy figures (inspired by a visit to the St. Nicholas Church in Myra, Turkey).  It's all idea at this point, so I'm going through my photographs for reference material.

Found an owl image in a magazine that I liked and photographed.  Now I can't find the original image, but here are two of my edited versions--cropped and digitally painted in Photoshop and then combined with one of my textures using the Diana App.

I posted a winter pond last time.  Here is another view of that pond and a view of some of the land within walking distance of my house.

And lastly, here are some views of the improved studio.

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