Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day to all the sweethearts out there.  As you can see, I've decorated the above photo with a painted heart.  I took the photo some time ago after reading The Winter of Our Discontent and then thought it would be clever to mix a martini because I liked a particular quote in the book that referenced martinis (I like martinis).  "The martinis came, not in little glasses, but in big as birdbaths with twists of lemon peel.  The first taste bit like a vampire but made its little anesthesia and after that the drink mellowed and toward the bottom turned downright good."  This winter has been so mild compared to the last few years, there is nothing to be discontented about.

The basement studio is 95% ready to start working in.  In fact, I am working in it, but mostly work involving paper--cutting things up and collaging.  I'm also into Day 5 of doing an 8 x 10 drawing a day.  I'm finding people (celebrities or models) in my old copies of Vanity Fair or New Yorker and drawing the subject with a black ball point pen.  With this method you just have to go with the marks you make--no erasing.  It's very liberating.  So here is a collage of the first four.

More drawings and other findings in my next post.

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