Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Studio Progress

Feeling excited about progress on the studio rehab--almost like the couple in my little collage pictured above.  The last two days have been spent priming and painting what was an unfinished wall.  I used it to tape up photos, tear sheets and other inspiration.  Now it is a clean white wall waiting for inspiration.  The foam tiles on the floor were scrubbed with a cleaning solution and a brush and then cleaned again with a rag and dried with a towel.  During this process I noticed all the pits, punctures, and tears to the tiles.  I couldn't miss the stains from the previous owner's furniture refinishing projects.  The next step was to spackle all those holes with acrylic molding paste.  I'm hoping this is a good solution since I'll be painting the floor with an acrylic enamel recommended by our paint expert at the hardware store.  Three of the photos below show details of the damage to the tiles.  The other photos show the "putting on  the wall primer phase" and then the finished wall.  Right now I'm on a break from the floor painting.  The paint I'm using is Magic Diamond Hard Satin Finish Acrylic Enamel.  The manufacturer says this will hold up on a flexible surface such as these foam floor tiles.  The paint is thick and progress is slower than I would like, but once I finish under the table, it will seem easier (oh, please!).   Must run--my break is over.

My work table is extremely heavy and difficult to move.  I told Barry I would just paint around it.  He came up with the idea to tie one end of the table at a time to the ceiling/floor beam so I can easily paint under the legs.

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