Thursday, February 23, 2017

Taste of Spring

Have been taking time to walk around the property and capture some signs of Spring.  In the process, I found many interesting shapes and textures that might go unnoticed in the lushness of Spring and early Summer.  Below are three examples.  Little winter aconites always bloom here in February unless they're buried in snow.

The lichened top of the bluebird house.

A timely find--a heart-shape in amongst moss.

Not from our property, but a winter image that I come back to over and over ever since I recorded this scene in 2007.  

Visited my friend, Ross, yesterday.  He was anxious to show me how he had arranged two obelisks in his garden and he also wanted me to see the photograph below.  It is his Great Uncle Willie and a paper moon.  Ross said it was very popular to be photographed with a paper moon in those days.  Well, I took this photo of his photo and have a plan to clone Ross in the place of his great uncle.  Of course, the challenge will be getting Ross to pose in his tuxedo for my grand scheme.

Here is another double exposure/Diana App creation of my shadow and a birch tree against a brilliant blue sky.

And lastly, my ballpoint pen sketches completed since my last post.  I'm really enjoying this activity: going through fashion magazines and finding patient models.

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