Sunday, March 12, 2017

Back from Seattle

My son and family recently moved to the Seattle area, and so I had my first visit to the Pacific Northwest.  I'm already planning the next trip for when the weather is warmer.  I saw enough of the city to know that I must go back as a tourist and walk around for a couple of days--go places and eat things as an old friend use to say.  We visited the historic Pike Place Market where, in spite of helping with two toddlers, I managed to take some photographs.  It was early morning and all the meat, seafood, produce,  and flower stalls were open.  It was a beautiful sight. The historic Starbucks was open and a wonderful donut concession as well.  OMG--the miniature, hot-from-the-cooker donuts.  Those really warmed up our cold hands.  I just can't wait to go back again.  The photo above is from the Three Sisters European Sandwich Shop.  I'm one of three sisters so I had to grab an image.  I'm the sister wearing glasses, of course.

All around Seattle property is extremely expensive which means housing is very expensive.  In the suburb where my son lives, a house fills most of the building lot.  There were very few lawns and landscaping was designed for privacy.  I was surprised to see irrigation systems in many gardens, but the Uber driver who took us back to the airport said that it hardly rains at all in summer.  Hard to believe right now when it rains, at least a little, everyday.  Behind my son's house is an unoccupied lot.  It has been that way for many years judging by the overgrowth on the house.  I can't resist abandoned places, so while the children were napping, I took my camera over for a look.  I say this greenhouse is still functional.  I could easily starts some seeds in those flats.

Below is an edited close-up of the painted eye you can see on the right side of the window above.

The thought came to me to search the Internet for "abandoned greenhouses".  There are lots to be seen!  Apparently abandoned greenhouses are featured in video games you can see on YouTube.  There are over 1,000 images on Pinterest and many other sites too numerous to mention.  I didn't bother to click on any of them--abandoned greenhouse overload.

And here are some of the beautiful scenes from my Alaska Air window seat:

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