Monday, April 17, 2017

Post Easter Processing

Holidays like Easter and Christmas are always more than can be fit into one day, so I'm savoring a bit more of this Easter.  We've had fantastic weather with many spring flowering plants.  Today is cloudy with rain off and on, it is good for indoor activities like editing photos and putting the dining room back to normal after yesterday's feast.  I did not dye Easter eggs this year even though I love to.  The photo above is from a previous Easter when I did dye eggs.  

Below are part of my collection of antique Easter postcards.  I actually have boxes of antique and vintage postcards.  I've enjoyed them for many years, but now I'm thinking of trying to sell some on Etsy or Ebay and give the rest to good homes.  It's hard letting go of collections, but I am really working on careful selection of things I keep going forward.

And here are a couple of images from around the patio pond this week:

Virginia Bluebells in my Pennsylvania garden

Twin frogs sunning themselves on a moss rock.


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