Monday, May 8, 2017

Greetings on a Sunny but Chilly May Day

Maintaining our woodland garden takes lots of work in Spring and Fall.  These are my favorite seasons and so it is good to be outdoors working.  This past week we had many things to plant and transplant which we accomplished even in the rain, until the storms moved in with very heavy rain and lightening.  That gave me time for the studio where I'm working on a mixed media piece on wood.   I also went through a stack of vintage papers that will find their way into a future collage.  It's like going into a treasure house entering my sunny basement studio.  Next week is "take-in" for the next exhibit at the York Art Association.  I had hoped to have two new paintings done by now, but I don't, so it will be photography.  This photo of the Baltimore Harbor will be one of my submissions:

In a previous post I wrote about the zebra finch we adopted.  Just this week when I was looking through the archives I found this photo of Benjamin, the parakeet we adopted after the zebra finch died.  He was already an old bird by that time and only lived about a year with us, but he was beautiful and seemed to enjoy his time with us.  Unlike the zebra finch, he did not mind perching on a finger and sitting on a shoulder.  

Speaking of birds, I really like this garden sculpture seen at Downs Park in Pasadena, Maryland.

Our neighbors sometimes call their house "Mile High Lodge".  I took a series of photos a few years ago which, because of the bare trees and mist, evoked a sense of mystery.  I played around with some cutting, pasting, sketching and layering in Photoshop.  In the original, the house is recessed in a tangle of trees and mist.  In the manipulated version, I've added some sunlight and brightened the green textured layer.  The intention is that the house is the focal point but the image still evokes mystery.

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