Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Pat the Spy

Or "Four Dummies".  Yesterday I published and ordered a photo book from Blurb.com using mostly my photos title and text by my friend, David.  I am "Pat the Spy" in a story about my twin granddaughters puzzling over some of the European places I've visited  and some of the hats or napkins I have worn.  It will be colorful if nothing else.  Don't worry, my beloved Dr. Seuss.

For several years I was very active on Flickr--you can still find me there, although I haven't posted anything new since I started Instagramming.  One of the cool tools available to Flickr users at the time was a poster maker.  I used it to create this:

I still love all the photos I included.  Sometimes I think I did my best work during that period.  Of course, at the time I had lots of doubts.  Now I feel it's time to dig deeper into photography.  I haven't done a photography workshop in months.  By workshop I mean spending time with the camera to learn something new.  I'll explain more about this in my next post.  It's a great day outside and I have some garden chores waiting for me.

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