Tuesday, May 23, 2017

What is a photo walk?  It means the camera and I need some quality time together.  Where will we walk?  Doesn't matter as long as we're together--preferably alone.  What happens on my photo walks?
I walk and look around me and walk some more.  I stop frequently for close observation.  I don't take photos of everything interesting thing I see even though the urge is strong.  The idea is to try a new setting on the camera or a new point of view and return home with a few interesting images--images that are full of meaning for me.    I took the image above while attending a wedding on the eastern shore of Maryland.  I strolled out on a pier by myself and sipped on this wine as the light was fading. This is not the best image technically, but it is full of memory and meaning for me.

"Am I Blue?" is an oldie from my days working at a construction yard.  I took many photo walks there and created a body of work I called "Design in Decay".  I took this photo with a macro lens and when I saw the teary eye, I got very excited about what other images/designs I might find looking at the scratches and decay on the containers and things stored outside using a macro lens.

I found "Candy Smash" on a walk in a suburban neighborhood.  I was happy with the original framing of the image at first, but now think I should crop it and emphasize the central part of the candy along with the ant.

"Glass Spillway" was taken on a morning walk around the house.  I saw two glass bottles on the window sill and couldn't get enough of the way reflected light was playing across painted wood.  Sometimes you don't have to walk far.

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