Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Hiroshi Sugimoto

The above image is not a Hiroshi Sugimoto.  In looking through some of my images, it was the first thing that seemed a bit suggestive of his work.  Make no mistake, my image is not the studied and professional work of Mr. Sugimoto.  I've been researching his artwork and photography as a result of reading this article in the New York Times Style Magazine.  Photography and architecture--I was hooked.  Sugimoto is known for his meditative black and white images, wax figures and seascapes.  After a very long and productive photography career, he has become a self-described "unlicensed architect".  He co-founded  the firm New Material Research Laboratory with architect Tomouki Sakakida in 2008.  A quote from the New York Times article:  "Most of my ideas are illegal, " say Sugimoto, who considers it Sakakida's job to make it look legal."  His most recent and ambitious project is his own Enoura Observatory about an hour from Tokyo.  The complex is multipurpose and includes exhibition spaces.  I would love to visit when it opens its doors this coming Fall.  Sugimoto aims to create buildings that will still look nice after civilization is gone.  I think they look quite nice and most interesting now.  Read more about Sugimoto and see some of his earlier works here.

Below is a black and white seascape from my early June visit to Ocean City, Maryland.  The time was early morning.

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