Thursday, June 29, 2017

Seen at the entrance to the Contemporary Wing at the Baltimore Museum of Art

In my last post I mentioned James Turrell in reference to the new Building 6 at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art which now houses nine of his works.  I mentioned the Ganzfeld piece as one of the nine light installations.  Yesterday I read another article about Turrell in the June 19, 2017 New Yorker magazine--this by Elizabeth Kolbert.  She is with him at Building 6 where he is fine-tuning an apartment-sized piece called "Perfectly Clear."  I'm not sure it's perfectly clear to me, but his statements indicate that rather than considering light as an illuminator of things, he wants to examine the physicality of light itself.  With this thought in mind, consider that," in 1980, a woman mistook a wall of light in his work on display at the Whitney Museum for an actual, physical wall.  Trying to lean against it, she fell and sprained her wrist".  I just have to get over to Building 6.

The above photo prompted me to play with the shape and color of the light.

Other experiments today:

This is another photo of the table in my studio in which I've turned the original into a negative, bumped the contrast and adjusted the RGB channels individually to get the most blue.  At first I thought of a blueprint and then I saw shapes communicating with each other in a night sky.  I'm going to experiment with this some more.

Leaves in a Mist:  This pile of brown leaves has been transformed in a Channel Mixer layer in Photoshop.  I love how I was able to put space between the leaves making them seem to progress through a mist.  There is a peaceful, softness I really like.

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