Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Celebrating July 4th

A laziness is starting to take hold now that it is July.  I just want to relax with a book in the shady garden down from the patio.  In fact, I did do some of that yesterday, but I also brought out my easel, pastels and charcoal and worked on some sketches of the garden statuary.  These are good subjects.  They don't charge a fee, they don't move and they have interesting textures.  It felt good to be working outside and taking time to really see the variety of greens and other colors that exist in the filtered light of tall oaks.  

Thinking of making art reminded me of my volunteer day at the York Art Association last week where I had a conversation with the Office Manager (also talented artist), Jessica Lee.  We talked about the challenge of making art when art is not financially supporting the artist--the subject was not specifically stated, but as I recall it, this was certainly the undercurrent.  Jessica is creating art everyday.  This past year she immersed herself in learning poured acrylic techniques--a technique that requires lots and lots of paint and acrylic medium.  She is exhibiting somewhere all the time and posts her works on Instagram and Facebook everyday. When it became known that she was having trouble affording art supplies for poured acrylic paint technique, donations of various art supplies started coming in.  She is thrilled with the gifts which are challenging her to move in new directions. She is still creating art work everyday--currently pastel works, which is why I decided to work with pastels yesterday.  Looking at her work is helping me.  See Jessica Lee on Instagram @jessalynn08.  There is a link there to her website as well.

Jessie and I also talked about drawing and I told her about an assignment I had in Drawing 3:  draw something in super-size.  At the time I was in love with my Canon A610 digital camera and made that the subject.  I found two photos that picture it.  In one I'm working on it at home on a ping pong table.  The finished drawing is on the classroom wall.  I really enjoyed that assignment.

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