Monday, July 31, 2017

End of July Joy

Not at all trying to hurry Summer along--in fact, I'm really trying to slow things down--but we've had rain and cooler weather since my last post which seems to have brought on a burst of creativity.  I pulled out all my oil painting supplies and got right into painting a small landscape.  That was good   because I'm starting a three-day "Expressive Landscape Painting" workshop this week at the York Art Association in York, PA.  The above scribble has nothing to do with the workshop.  It's all about my trip to visit the twins in Seattle earlier this month.  Their mommy got a new iPad Pro and Pencil for her birthday.  She has a fine arts degree and is a professional illustrator, so I told her about the Procreate app.  She looked it up, liked what she saw and started using it right away.  I could hardly believe how quickly she developed a figure painting.  Witness my scribbles above--an example of what I have achieved with the app.  I watched her work for a few minutes and learned some new things about the app.  For one thing, it works very much like Photoshop in that you can build your drawing/painting in layers and adjust opacity, brush size, switch to pencil or pen very quickly. I am getting better with it, but I am left-handed and the Pogo stylus I'm using doesn't respond well-- I go along and then it stops.  For the time being, it works better if I just use a finger.  I will look into the Pencil, however, and see if it is recommended for left-handers.  In the meantime, I'm getting better already.

While looking through my photo archives at landscapes references, I found some images from Ireland that I call Galway Blues.  They strike a cool note on this last day of July 2017.

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  1. Rain and cooler weather bring out the best in me. I am not a fan of summer. Those cool blue photos of Ireland look very inviting.