Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Mid-Summer Mood

Our recent heat and humidity wave almost did me in.  After several cool days in Seattle, I returned to what seemed a blast furnace on arrival at BWI.  I survived and the last two days with rain and cooler temperatures have totally rejuvenated me.  Part of this year's summer is a general lack of focus in my creative life.  I've been all over the map and generally resisting making a commitment to any serious project.  We all get into a rut from time to time.  For me, working with a camera, sketchbook, or painting/drawing app like Procreate gets the creative juices flowing.  Along with that I look through old sketchbooks. The above is a photo collage of a few things I found in a sketchbook  from about three to four years ago.  It reminds me how much I love birds--especially ravens and other "blackbirds".

I was sitting on the patio yesterday and feeling happy again about the mosaic rocks that decorate the rock wall that surrounds the area.  All were created by Rick Shelley.  See his whimsical and exquisite works at www.rickshelley.com.  These are ours:

Because it's summer, here is a favorite summer photo from the past.  I call this "The Gate Keeper".  This praying mantis was very comfortable with us as we worked in the garden.  Although we were in and out of the gate all day, she stayed put and kept an eye on us.

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