Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Texture Layers

Recently I met with my sisters for a hearty breakfast and a game of Word on the Street.  The game board and large letter tiles make it look deceptively simple.  We played with the "moderately difficult" stack of cards, which seemed about right for us, but I have this nagging feeling there's something in the rules of play we overlooked this time.  Nevertheless, here I am looking confidently in control.  I like this photo and decided to frame it with a texture layer.  I found this one on Flickr.  There are several "Texture" groups on Flickr.  Some of the groups collect photos of things that have a textured surface.  The ones I'm interested in have photos, of what I would call, found or created texture.  I'm even more interested if the photographer says they are free to use and have fun with.  The above was created with such an example.  One of my favorite texture makers is Linda Vachon.  Below are two textures she posted in the Flickr group:  textures free.

A quick example of how I might use a texture layer in Photoshop, I choose the spider web above and added portions of a photo of me.  I used the Liquify tool to distort my mouth and eyes and added some dark brush strokes for a more sinister atmosphere. 

I have created some texture layers of my own, such as the photos I took of my scratched and stained studio table, water drops on glass, the texture of certain papers.  Here are three examples of photos I took outside our house. 

Blossoms on Brick

Camera Motion on Brick Steps

Webs between pavement and stones

I challenge myself to come up with new photographic works featuring these texture photos.

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