Thursday, August 10, 2017

Boy With Rooster by Adraino Cecioni (Italian)

Took this photo in one of the galleries of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  I enjoyed this sculpture so much when I first saw it a couple of years ago and didn't realize until today that it was acquired by the museum in 2015.  I was among the first to see it there!  The piece was modeled in 1868 and cast in bronze in 1873.  Dimensions:  31' x 19' x 17".  The museum website notes that Cecioni was influenced by earlier sculptors who portrayed children (boys) grappling with animals such as geese.  You can see an example of the 15th c. sculptor's (Verrocchio's) Putto with Dolphin here.  I find this Boy with Rooster much more exuberant.

Last week I participated in a three-day painting workshop at the York Art Association.  Rebecca Noelle Purvis, who was visiting from Hexham, UK, led us in the techniques she uses to create expressive landscapes.  By expressive she was referring to a response to the landscape--conveying thought and feeling, suggestive.  We began by choosing our photo references and doing several thumbnail sketches trying out vertical vs. horizontal aspect and cropping.  Next we used the Fletcher color wheel to work out a limited palette.  The predominate color for my painting was red/violet which I used for the underpainting.  Below are photos of the underpainting and the 99% complete painting.  It felt good to be painting with oils again.  Now to keep the momentum going.  You can see some of Rebecca Noelle's paintings here.

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