Paintings Gallery

Sunset on Dunkard Valley Road
Acrylic on canvas  9"x12"
Lake on Fire
Acrylic on canvas   9"x12"

After the Storm No. 4
Oil on canvas   9"x12"

After the Storm No. 3
Oil on Canvas  9"x12"

After the Storm No. 2
Oil on canvas  9"x12"

After the Storm No.1
Oil on canvas  9"x12"

Bronze Beauty
Oil on Canvas  18"x24"

Acrylic on Canvas 8"x6"

Acrylic on Canvas 6"x8"

Acrylic on Canvas 16" x 20"

Acrylic, Mixed Media on Canvas  16"x20"

Randy in Glory
Acylic on canvas 9" x 12"

Irish Shepard
Oil on canvas 9" x 12"
One of my first paintings around 1976
Oil on Canvas 18" x 24"


Along the Danube
Acrylic on canvas 28"x12"

Northern Ireland
Acrylic on canvas 16"x12"
Farm Landscape (Rita's Farm)
Acrylic on canvas 12"x9"

Near Jamestown (VA)
Oil on canvas 12"x9"

Near Yorktowne (VA)
Oil on canvas 12"x9"

Countryside from a Bus
Oil on canvas 12"x9"

Kansas from I-70
Oil on canvas 12"x9"

Autumn on Mellinger Drive
Acrylic on canvas 12"x9"

Acrylic on canvas 24'x16'
Autumn Buddha
Acrylic on wood panel 7"x5"
Detail - Eze, France
Acrylic on canvas 16"20"
Acylic on canvas paper 11"x15"
Members' Preview
Oil on canvas 20"x16"
Heckle and Jeckle
Acrylic on canvas 9"x12"
Yellow Bowl with Tulips
Acrylic on bristol board 12"x9"
Kinder Farm Park
Acrylic on canvas 20"x16"
Camping--Brunswick, MD
Acrylic on watercolor paper 7"x5"
Child's Play
Acrylic on watercolor paper 5"x7"
Kinder Farm Autumn Mist
Acrylic on canvas 20"x16"
Pot Heads
Acrylic on bristol board 7"x5"
Bermuda Beach in December
Acrylic on canvas 24"x18"
Acrylic on canvas  16"x12"

Acrylic on watercolor paper 5"x7"

Iron Gates
Acrylic on canvas 18"x14"

Acrylic on canvas 9"x12"

Garden Buddha
Pastel approximately 9"x12"

Canyon Raven
Acrylic on canvas 16"x20"
Sheep 2018
Oil on canvas  16" x 20"

Broken Doll
Acrylic on wood panel, 6"x8"

Herdwick Sheep
Oil on wood panel, 12" x 13"
Snowy Owl With Moon
Oil on canvas, 28" x 12"

Snowy Owl with Northern Lights
Pastel, 9"x12"

Ireland--Near Galway
Oil on Canvas 16"x20"

Two Pears
Acrylic on canvas 7"x5"


  1. Wow!!!! I am impressed, but not surprised.........Northern Ireland is super.


  2. Northern Ireland is the greenest place I've ever seen. We stayed in Letterkenny and I took a snapshot of the surroundings before we reached town. It was late in the afternoon and the light was amazing.

  3. An admirable collection of pictures:
    Lonesome landscapes, the beauty of nature with all their different colours and moods are depictured, rolling and flat countrysides, trees, bushes, meadows, mysterious lakes under changing skies, permanently different in the change of the seasons. Besides that you surely will be delighted by the 'Child's Play', the wonderful 'Bouquet of red tulips in a Yellow Bowl', amazed by the messengers of Gods in former times, blackblue 'Ravens', taking a closer look at you. Then may be you will be in a little thoughtful mood after looking at the painting 'Autumn Buddha', a depiction of hope and transience at the same time. And then look at the painting 'Joy': Look this wonderful game of light and shadows, these old mighty trees with their shining green leaves and this small woman in a red dress with extended arms as if she would like to embrace you and to encourage you.


  4. So inspiring, Pat! Thanks for creating this blog to showcase your work and give mini art history lessons. Looking forward to future posts.